The ArAl project for a relational approach to teaching in the arithmetic-algebraic area

Giancarlo Navarra
Insegnante ricercatore, già professore a contratto – Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italia

Download the article (in Italian)     DOI: 10.33683/ddm.18.5.3

Abstract / The paper presents the “ArAl Project, Arithmetic pathways aimed at facilitating pre-algebraic thinking” and introduces early algebra, the theoretical framework within which it is placed. Early algebra is a relatively new field of research and teaching practice. Unlike the traditional teaching, where the study of algebra begins at the age of 13-14, our hypothesis is that not only is it possible, but also appropriate, to anticipate the teaching of algebra at the age of 6, with an increasing attention towards the “great” pupils of the kindergarten (5 years old). Many class episodes (pupils aged 6 to 15) are reported, related partly to “inexperienced” classes (teachers are novices of the project) and partly to “expert” classes (skilled teachers who have been collaborating with the project for many years).

Keywords: early algebra; ArAl Project; algebraic babbling; relational thinking; teacher training.

Published in DdM 2019(5)


Cite as: Navarra, G. (2019). Il progetto ArAl per un approccio relazionale all’insegnamento nell’area aritmetico-algebrica. Didattica della matematica. Dalla ricerca alle pratiche d’aula, 5, 70-94. DOI: 10.33683/ddm.18.5.3