“What will be my future job?”

Monica Ronco
Scuola Media di Gordola, Svizzera

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Abstract / This article aims at showing how the experience of teaching Mathematics through situations related to the jobs that students want to do in their future helps them learn to collect information and make decisions. Furthermore, it is a valuable approach to help them learn, guide them in their career choices and motivate them to study Mathematics. This experience has been carried out in a Swiss Middle School with a small sample of fourth year students who attend the basic Mathematics lessons. Results show that the job related activities appeared like challenges to the students: they were sincerely interested in finding strategies and solutions with their classmates.

Keywords: jobs; realistic situations; motivation.

Published in DdM 2018(4)


Cite as: Ronco, M. (2018). “Quale mestiere farò nel mio futuro?”. Didattica della matematica. Dalla ricerca alle pratiche d’aula, 4, 116-134. DOI: 10.33683/ddm.18.4.7