“Me and mathematics”: a survey about mathematical experience

Andrea Capozio*, Davide Passaro** and Pietro Di Martino***
*Data Analyst in HR Development & Compensation – Enel S.p.A., Italia
**Liceo Classico Sperimentale “Bertrand Russell” – Roma, Italia
***Dipartimento di matematica – Università di Pisa, Italia

 Download the article (in Italian)     DOI: 10.33683/ddm.18.4.1

Abstract / The purpose of this article is to examine the relationship between people and mathematics and the teaching.
Through a survey (with free textual answers) the participants’ emotions associated with mathematics and their own experience with it are investigated. The results are analyzed with Natural Language Processing statistics, including Sentiment Analysis and POS Tagging. The relationship between emotions concerning mathematics and respondents’ educational level is studied; particular attention is focused on the main criticisms of the teaching method that emerged among young people.

Keywords: Mathematics education; statistical survey; affective issues; sentiment analysis; teaching methods.

Published in DdM 2018(4)


Cite as: Capozio, A., Passaro, D., & Di Martino, P. (2018). “Io e la matematica”: un’indagine sull’esperienza matematica. Didattica della matematica. Dalla ricerca alle pratiche d’aula, 4, 9-26. DOI: 10.33683/ddm.18.4.1