Issue 3

In this issue, the article titled Characterizing prospective teachers’ knowledge in/for interpreting students’ solutions is available in English.

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Research and reflection

Flipped classroom for teachers’ training: a research about students’ perception
Gemma Carotenuto and Silvia Sbaragli

Semantic control over mathematical texts in freshmen year
Pier Luigi Ferrari

Characterizing prospective teachers’ knowledge in/for interpreting students’ solutions
Maria Mellone, Carlos Miguel Ribeiro and Arne Jakobsen


Teaching and learning experiences

A peer education experience in the high school focused on the parabola
Michele Canducci

Feasibility study for the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof of a middle school in Minusio
Sara Cataldi Spinola

Deltoids like kites. A travel through geometry
Anna Maria Facenda, Paola Fulgenzi, Janna Nardi,
Floriana Paternoster, Daniela Rivelli and Daniela Zambon

Playful programming with ScratchJr in Kindergarten. The quantity-number correspondence
Annarosa Serpe


Book reviews (in Italian)