Reviewer information

When a paper is submitted for publication, it is initially considered by the editorial committee in order to evaluate if the addressed topics are relevant to and fit the journal’s scope.
In case of a positive outcome, the paper is anonymously sent to two anonymous referees (double-blind peer review), either members of the scientific committee or external experts. Based on the judgement of the two referees, the editorial committee decides if the paper is accepted as it is, if it needs revisions or if it is rejected. The referees’ opinions and editorial committee’s decision will be sent to the authors (these will be particularly useful in case of an “acceptance with revisions” decision, in order to make the necessary changes for publication). Amended papers will be re-evaluated by the referees.

Review forms are of two different types, depending on the nature of the paper: research-theoretic reflection or reporting meaningful teaching experiences. The two typologies of modules for the refereeing are included below.

> Review form for reflection and research papers

> Review form for teaching and learning experience reports