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Didattica della matematica. Dalla ricerca alle pratiche d’aula is open to paper proposal both presenting reflections or research and reporting teaching and learning experiences. The journal is open to all aspects of Mathematics Education, including empirical, theoretical, methodological, historical, epistemological and philosophical works with a perspective of local, national or international interest. The journal comprises three sections, which cover reflection or research papers, teaching and learning experiences, and Mathematics or Mathematics Education book reviews.

Paper proposals can be sent at any time to Proposals must follow the formatting guidelines listed below. Failure to respect formatting guidelines can result in proposal rejection.

All propositions will be subjected to double-blind peer-review.


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Papers must be submitted as .doc, .docx, .odt or .tex files. Papers sent in other formats (in particular, .pdf) will not be accepted.

By submitting a proposition, the author confirms to be the unique holder of copyrights of the text and of all the images and graphs contained in the paper, and that none of its element is under the rights of third parties.